Harry Maguire's Road to Redemption: A Look at How He Can Reclaim His Reputation

Harry Maguire's Road to Redemption: A Look at How He Can Reclaim His Reputation

Harry Maguire, a prominent English footballer known for his role as a center back at Manchester United, has faced a rollercoaster ride in his career. This article delves into the challenges he's encountered and explores strategies for him to regain his reputation.

Harry Maguire's Journey:

In June 2017, Harry Maguire embarked on an exciting chapter in his career when he joined Leicester City, a Premier League club. During his time there, he thrived, establishing himself as a standout player.

The Manchester United Era:

However, Maguire's fortunes took a significant turn in 2019 when Manchester United came calling. The Red Devils secured his services for a staggering £80 million, making him the most expensive defender in the world at that time. Ole Gunnar, the then coach, welcomed him as a marquee capture.

Own Goal Woes:

Unfortunately, Maguire's tenure at Manchester United has been marred by a concerning trend of own goals. He has registered a total of 11 own goals against his own club and one for the England national team. These missteps have subjected him to relentless bullying from fans and online trolls, who have made him a recurring meme for over three years, adversely affecting his on-field performance and mental health.

Rebuilding His Reputation:

The challenging environment at Manchester United, where performance is under constant scrutiny, has put Maguire in the spotlight. To redeem his playing ability and rebuild his reputation, several steps can be considered:

1. Improve Defensive Skills: Maguire should focus on enhancing his defensive skills, positioning, and decision-making to reduce own goal incidents.

2. Mental Resilience: He must work on mental resilience to withstand the pressure and criticism, seeking support from sports psychologists if necessary.

3. Engage with Fans: Open and sincere communication with fans can help bridge the gap and garner their support during challenging times.

4. Consistency: Consistent performances on the field are key to regaining trust and respect.

Exploring New Horizons:

While remaining at a top club like Manchester United offers undeniable prestige, Maguire might consider a change of scenery. A move to a mid-tier club like West Ham could provide a fresh start with less media attention and criticism, allowing him to focus on his game.


Harry Maguire's journey in football has seen both highs and lows. To salvage his reputation and mental well-being, he must address his challenges head-on, whether by improving at Manchester United or considering a move to a less high-profile club. Regardless of the path he chooses, Maguire has the potential to reclaim his status as a top-tier defender in English football.