Why Arsenal want to finalize Julian Timber transfer after personal dealĀ  This summer transfer window is one of the most important few months in Arsenal's recent history.


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Why gun stores must settle Julian Wood's move by personal agreement

This late spring relocation period is perhaps the most significant months-long period in the recent history of ammunition dumping.

With Mikel Arteta and others missing out on the head association title last season, now is the perfect time to close the gap on defending champions Manchester City, and one way to do so is to sign up wisely. Thing. Ajax defender Julian Wood is seen as a player who can improve his defence, and the heavy weapons specialists' lack of defense in the second half of the game was one of the main reasons they were forced to play behind City. It's becoming

The North London club are making progress towards hopes of signing Wood after his initial Ā£30million offer was rejected a week ago. Stockpile have since made a new offer for the player and have now agreed to the terms of a contract that runs until 2028, according to football.london. In Saliba's 27 games, the heavy weapons specialists surrendered only a few times, in stark contrast to 18 of the 11 games without Saliba. Ruud Holding struggled to follow in the footsteps of the 22-year-old as his recovery speed and readiness were not up to par with the 22-year-old.Ā